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MAFA VN TRADING PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED (Royal) is one of the leading units in helmet manufacturing and trading in Vietnam. For a decade of formation, numerous difficulties and challenges that the company has been through. Nowadays, ROYAL - ROC branded helmet products have been increasingly affirmed and enhanced in the domestic and international market. ROYAL has gone far beyond its core business and achieved many proud results. To succeed this task, first, all thanks to the wise and ingenious leadership with visionary, the idea of continuous reform and innovation of the Board of Directors in the activities; it is is the diligence, creativity in production and business, together with the high spirited team work of officials and employees that bring the Company to reach to a new level of success.

The journey of more than 10 years of construction and development, from a small production base up to now, ROYAL has built a widespread product distribution system from domestic and international; with a relatively strong sales distribution network and more than 2,000 distributors - retail agents and dozens of supermarket systems in the country such as Big C, Coop Mart, Metro, Citimart…. In addition, the product branded ROYAL - ROC has been present in more than 10 countries around the world and successfully conquered fastidious markets such as Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, France, Canada .... Royal's efforts have been recognized for many years, earning the title of High Quality Vietnamese Products along with many other high and prestigious awards domestically and internationally.

Sharing, loving, focusing on human resources and showing social responsibility are an indispensable motto in ROYAL business philosophy. The philosophical community journey Royal has spread throughout the regions of the country. As in 2015, we donated 2000 helmets, especially for poor pupils and students in Tam Dan commune, Phu Ninh district. By 2018, we have donated 100 bicycles and 1,000 bicycle helmets to students at 10 secondary schools across Phu Ninh district; Participated in the traffic safety festival to donate 3,500 helmets to the ethnic minorities in the North in 2017. In 2018, we celebrated the launching ceremony of implementing Directive 04 / CT-Tg of The Prime Minister on Traffic Safety; donating 25,000 helmets to students, sponsoring helmets at the Vu Lan Festival and commemorating victims of traffic accidents; the activities to take care of the material and spiritual life of all officials and employees are continually maintained by ROYAL, also is a red thread that connects throughout the generations in the company which has been going on continuously for years since 2008.

A journey is over and the road ahead is always wide open, thhe rewards, the main title and the trust of customers and partners are the premise and motivation for ROYAL to always create, unite, break through and succeed in the marketplace, moreover, to continue to maintain its position as one of the leading strong brands in the field of helmet production and trading in Vietnam and in the world, a journey to reach the great sea begins .... /.


ROYAL is a brand that has been affirmed for the outstanding development of helmet manufacturing technology.

Our company started with the open and determined spirit of the founder of ROYAL. We promise to provide the European market as well as to the whole world of high quality helmets with superior quality.

"Building brand from true values", own business philosophy has always been consistently implemented by ROYAL. Although the market is constantly fluctuating or customers have too many products of the same type to choose, Royal still ensures strict production processes and carefully select input materials to create the absolute safety quality product, as well as save maximum production costs to produce good product lines with competitive prices.


ROYAL always looks forward to pioneering, as a guideline to make history and create the future. We are a team of technicians, engineers and designers driven by intense passion; always try our best to bring the products with the highest quality.

Customers are our destination. We operate in a global market and our presence is worldwide. Wherever there are customers, ROYAL will reach out to provide what they are looking for. This is the way of thinking, the way of action to help ROYAL develop continuously: from work to quality and from quality to success.

With the trust of professional motorcyclists, we give our words that you will feel comfortable and secure with the quality every time you use our products.

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Bán lẻ: 0938632169
Hotline: 1900 63 60 66
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Bán lẻ: 0938632169
Hotline: 1900 63 60 66
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